Marche Polytechnic University



Prof. Rossana Berardi, MD is Professor in Medical Oncology at Universita Politecnica Marche, Ancona, Italy. She is Director of Department of Medical Oncology, Director of the Postgraduate School of Oncology, Head of “Genetic Cancer” Laboratory, Deputy Director of Department of Clinical and Molecular Science and coordinator of the Hospital Breast Unit at Universita Politecnica Marche – Ospedali Riuniti of Ancona, Italy.

She is Member of the Academic Medical Oncology Committee, Member of the “Education and Training” Working Group of the Italian Association of Medical Oncology and member of the “Core Curriculum” Task Force of the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO). She is also member of the European Hyponatremia network.

She has been awarded many grants and prizes (among the others, several ASCO and ESMO travel grants and merit awards and, more recently, an Italian Oscar Prize for best researcher in oncology).

She has authored more than 200 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals, she has been a speaker at national and international meetings and she has been involved in advisory boards on GI, neuroendocrine tumors, chest tumors, SIADH and on clinical and translational research.

Prof. Berardi was a Research Fellow in the Department of Oncology at Middlesex Hospital, University College London Hospitals.

She is member of FIDAPA BPW Italy ,foundresses of “Women 4 Oncology Italy” network, which promotes events and coaching activities to generate mutual support and career enhancements for female oncology professionals.